New NNUH Governors to meet in public from July

The newly established Council of Governors at the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust will meet in public from July.

The Council of Governors role is to shape the future of services provided at the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital and Cromer Hospital. It will receive regular updates on issues such as the patients’ experience of Trust services, finance and strategic plans.

The council comprises 25 Governors, fifteen of whom have been elected by 6,400 local people who have joined the Trust as members. There are also six staff Governors elected by the Trust’s 5,700 staff members, plus four Governors appointed by local organisations.

The Governors have a responsibility to represent the views of patients, public, staff and partner organisations when contributing to development of the Trust’s plans. The Council of Governors works alongside the Board of Directors which runs the Trust. All NHS Foundation Trusts have a Council of Governors which gives local people a greater say in how services are developed.

The quarterly meetings of the Council will all be held in the Boardroom of the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital except the Annual General Meeting which is held in the Gooch Lecture Theatre. The public are welcome to attend the meetings and ask questions at the end. The agendas for each meeting will be published on the Trust’s website on the Friday before the meeting takes place.

The meeting dates are as follows:

• 2pm on 24th July
• 6pm on 25th September (Annual General Meeting in the Gooch Lecture Theatre)
• 2pm on 15th December

• 10am on 24th March
• 10am on 23rd June
• 6pm on 24th September (Annual General Meeting in the Gooch Lecture Theatre)
• 10am on 24th November

Monday 2nd of June 2008 11:00:51 AM