Norwich MP backs Breathe Easy Week

Healthy lungs help you feel younger, live longer, run faster, sing louder and kiss better – that’s the message that Breathe Easy Norwich is promoting during Breathe Easy Week when they will be joined by Norwich North MP Ian Gibson to launch 500 red balloons from the gardens at the top of the Castle Mall on Saturday 21st June 2008 at 1pm.

The event is part of the British Lung Foundation’s ‘Big Breaths’ campaign to encourage everyone to make the most of their lung capacity. The BLF is calling for everyone to follow its Airway Code, a ten point plan for healthy lungs. The code includes advice such as eating healthily, staying smoke free, avoiding dust and fumes, being asbestos aware and taking regular exercise.

The ability to take big breaths is important, says the BLF. Most people don’t realise how fragile their lungs are or how many ways they can be damaged. Outdoor and indoor air pollution, infections, exposure to smoke can all harm our lungs. Once they are damaged, they can’t be repaired. Big breaths give our bodies the oxygen they need. If we protect our lungs by following the Airway Code we can make the most of the lung capacity we have and help to prevent respiratory illness in the future.

Please support this event by buying a label to launch on a balloon (available from Respiratory Outpatients reception and Hethel ward reception, suggested donation £1 per label) and Breathe Easy Norwich would love you to join them on the day for the launch at 1pm. It is hoped that finders will the return the balloon labels and the balloon which has travelled the furthest will win a prize.

Tuesday 17th of June 2008 09:00:44 AM