Cancer teams at NNUH best in the region

A new peer review report of cancer services highlights the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital as having the highest quality cancer teams in the region.

The Cancer Peer Review of the Anglia Cancer Network, published in November, reveals that NNUH had the best multidisciplinary teams (MDTs) across a range of cancer services.

Alan Stephens, from the Norfolk and Waveney Cancer Patients and Carers Partnership Group, said: “Having read the Peer Review report last month the results came as no surprise to us. They reinforce the feedback we received from patients and carers at last weeks Norfolk against Cancer conference which we helped organise with Big C in Norwich. We know we have a dedicated and resourceful Cancer Services team at NNUH giving patients and carers a first class service and taking their views into account.

NNUH lead clinician for cancer Mr Simon Wemyss-Holden said: “Peer review is all about being judged by experts who work in the field of cancer care and for our teams to have been consistently judged as the best is a fantastic reflection on the very skilled staff we have here.”

The Council of Governors, which represents the interests of patients, public and staff is due to meet next week at the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital later this month to look at cancer services.

The public meeting takes place from 2pm – 5pm on Monday 15th December 2008 in the Boardroom of the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital at Colney in Norwich.

Cancer Peer Review – percentage results for measures fundamental to the delivery of satisfactory service:

 % Colorectal% Pancreatic% Head & Neck% Thyroid% Intrathecal Chemotherapy
James Paget46n/an/an/an/a
Queen Elizabeth49n/an/an/an/a
West Suffolk91n/an/an/an/a

The National Cancer Peer Review Programme aims to improve care for people with cancer and their families by:

• ensuring services are as safe as possible;
• improving the quality and effectiveness of care;
• improving the patient and carer experience;
• undertaking independent, fair reviews of services;
• providing development and learning for all involved;
• encouraging the dissemination of good practice.

The process of peer review involves cancer specialists and patients from other hospitals inspecting the way the cancer teams operate, their policies and even the quality of the patient information.

The Peer Review teams made the following comments about NNUH cancer teams:

“The reviewers found this team to be highly innovative, motivated and inspirational. The team have won first prize in the NHS innovations awards and are patenting the process. The results for liver resection for their team are above the nationally recognised standards and are best in the region. The reviewers were very impressed with the written patient information that has been compiled by the whole team”.

“This cohesive and dynamic team demonstrated a good, patient centred approach to delivering care. They showed a creative and innovative style with their adoption of the enhanced recovery programme, developments in laparoscopic surgery and straight to test practices. The review team were very impressed by the production of a patient video and DVD and felt this was worthy of Network consideration in the light of how technology is progressing and how additional ways of relaying information to patients need to be found”.

Head & Neck
“The peer review team found a happy and cohesive team who clearly valued the importance of keeping the patient at the centre of their work”.

“The Peer review team found a dynamic, proactive unit covering NNUH and James Paget hospitals”.

Intrathecal Chemotherapy
The clinical team demonstrate the ability to work competently and cogently. The review team were impressed by the pharmacy department’s systems and processes that were in place for clinical procedures and the IT prescription chart is an example of good practice.

The peer review comes one year on from the publication of a national Cancer Reform Strategy. The Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital is continuing to deliver the cancer waiting time targets.

Friday 5th of December 2008 03:00:49 PM