9 out of 10 patients rate emergency care good to excellent

A national patient survey today reveals the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital's emergency department delivers among the best care nationally.

Today sees the publication of the Healthcare Commission's 2008 national survey of emergency patients. The commission surveyed a total of 413 adult emergency patients who were treated at NNUH in January, February and March 2008. Nine out of ten emergency patients (88 per cent) said they rated the care as Good to Excellent.

The 2008 survey reveals NNUH was in the top 20 per cent of hospitals nationally for:

  • Having short waiting times
  • Convenience of car parking
  • Patients getting pain relief quickly
  • Staff being consistent about clinical opinions
  • Confidence and trust in the doctors and nurses
  • Patients being involved in decisions about their treatment
  • Staff explaining what the results of tests mean in a clear way
  • Doctors or nurses willing to discuss any worries the patient had
  • Staff informing patients of danger signals about their illness to watch out for

The survey supports the findings of a separate survey of older people in A&E units carried out by Norfolk's Health and Overview Scrutiny Committee.

The Overview and Scrutiny Commitee survey reported in October 2008 that 95 per cent of older people in A&E departments in the county said they rated the care as Excellent to Good.

Wednesday 14th of January 2009 08:00:06 AM