Nutri-fit Norfolk Residential Camp aimed at teenagers worried about their weight

This week sees the first residential course in East Anglia for children aged between 12 and 17 years old who are worried about being overweight or obese.

The course which lasts five days has been organised by Anna Groom, specialist paediatric dietician and Nandu Thalange, consultant paediatric endocrinologist from the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital and supported by four registered nutritionalists and dieticians who have volunteered their time to stay with the youngsters and support them during their stay.

Nine youngsters self-referred themselves onto the residential course, which started on Monday, and aims to improve nutritional knowledged, provide unique opportunities to try different team building activities and boost their self esteem and confidence.

Anna Groom, said “This is a fantastic opportunity for these children to be given the time to meet others with similar worries and concerns in a safe, supportive and non-judgemental environment. With the mix of interactive learning and physical activity they are able to learn at their own pace about appropriate meal planning, portion control, boosting self confidence and feeling positive about making the necessary changes to improve their health and lifestyle”.

Nandu Thalange, added “Society is very negative about overweight people and often children with weight concerns feel very unhappy because of this. This course therefore gives such children a chance to think differently and change their lives in a very positive way and have lots of fun along the way”.

Duncan MacDonnell, aged 15, one of the youngsters participating in the couses says “It's fantastic, we're learning how to be healthy and the activities are great”.

Eleanor Truswell, aged 17, another participant, says “More kids should come on this course and experience it for themselves as it is a fantastic opportunity for us to learn about eating healthly and exercise”.

Ryan Frankland aged 12 says “It's excellent, I think its the best way to enjoy getting healthy”.

This course is being held at the Horstead Centre, Horsted and is being funded by charitable donations.

Notes for editors

For interviews, photos or further information please contact Anna Groom on 07977 079001.

Wednesday 12th of August 2009 03:00:20 PM