Thinking A&E? Think Timber Hill!

Members of the public are being asked to 'think GP or think Timber Hill' before they head to A&E…

NHS Norfolk is ramping up the message for people to use the new GP-led walk-in health centre in The Mall Norwich, rather than go to the accident and emergency department of the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital.

First port of call in a non-emergency should be your own GP or even pharmacist, according to a new leaflet. Failing that there are other, better options than heading to hospital… and that includes the new Timber Hill Health Centre.

It may well be easier to get to – as it's located in the centre of Norwich very close to Park and Ride bus stops. You are likely to be seen more quickly – the target is within 30 minutes

Timber Hill Health Centre can deal with anything that's not an emergency – like acute respiratory illnesses, skin infections, sprains, strains, cuts and bruises.

Dr Hitesh Patel, one of the centre's medical directors, said: “Timber Hill Health Centre is staffed by a highly qualified and experienced team of GPs and Nurse Specialists.

“The services on offer include treatment of minor injuries and other acute conditions. Patients are likely to be seen earlier and would also ensure that the A&E departments are freed up to deal with more serious trauma or illness.

Choosing to see your own GP or using Timber Hill means A&E can offer an even better service for more serious conditions. It provides 24-hour emergency care for people with life-threatening symptoms or critical conditions such as heavy blood loss, a deep wound, difficulty in breathing, severe burns, a severe allergic reaction or suspected broken bones.

Mr Bruce Finlayson, Clinical Director of the Emergency Department at the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital said: “A large number of the patients we see in A&E have quite minor problems that could easily be dealt with by other local services, such as the new Timber Hill Health Centre, or by local pharmacies and family doctors.

“Large numbers of patients with minor health problems just contributes towards congestion in the A&E department and longer waiting times for those needing treatment.”

The new leaflet which is being handed out to patients at A&E at the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital, is the latest attempt to encourage people away from A&E and to see a GP instead.

The Timber Hill Health Centre is also being promoted on the sides of Norwich's Park and Ride buses (highlighting how easy it is to get to). And earlier this year, NHS Norfolk caught the eye of thousands of drivers by using advertising on petrol pump nozzles.

Timber Hill Health Centre is on Level 4 of Castle Mall and is open from 7am to 9pm seven days a week, 365 days a year. Tel: 0300 0300 333.

Wednesday 5th of August 2009 03:00:19 PM