10 Top Tips for coming into hospital on You Tube

A film made at the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital (NNUH) by Norfolk patients with learning difficulties is now available on You Tube and the hospital website.

Staff from NNUH and NHS Norfolk worked with people with learning difficulties, learning difficulties advocacy groups and film company Shelly Telly to produce a DVD with ‘10 Top Tips’ for coming into hospital. Premiered earlier this year this 10-minute film aims to help people with learning difficulties overcome their fears and concerns when coming to hospital.

It is also being used as a training aid for hospital staff to help them better understand people’s needs. The film is part of a three-year project at NNUH to make it easier for patients with learning difficulties to use hospital services.

Carol Edwards, Deputy Director of Nursing and Education, says: “We wanted to create a hospital for all people regardless of their abilities. Our learning difficulty champions are always looking at ways to improve the service for patients. They told us that they wanted information to help them understand and cooperate in their hospital care and treatment. They asked for this information to be visual. A good example would be using pictures instead of words on door signs to help people find their way around a ward or unit.

“We hope this film will reinforce all the learning that has taken place over the last three years and make a difference to patients who may be worried about coming into hospital.”

Thanks to funding received from The Friends of the Norwich Hospitals, MENCAP and a special learning difficulties fund that made it possible for the hospital with the professional film company, Shelly Telly.

The film can be viewed on the hospital website at https://new.nnuh.nhs.uk/media.asp or YouTube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=prOiT8ks09I

Thursday 10th of September 2009 04:00:32 PM