Public welcome at talk on stroke care

Health experts at the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital will be giving a talk on stroke care, aimed at the public, from 6pm-8pm on Thursday 12th November 2009 in the hospital’s Benjamin Gooch Lecture Theatre.

Those attending will hear more about the new life-saving Thrombolysis (clot-busting) Service, the early supported discharge team which helps people to rehabilitate at home, plus the new £8 million stroke rehabilitation unit being built at Norwich Community Hospital.  It will also describe how patients can protect their own health to reduce the risk of having a stroke.  

Dr Kneale Metcalf. Consultant Physician in Medicine for the Elderly NNUH, says:  “Stroke is the It is the third largest cause of death in the UK and the biggest cause of disability.  We can bring people up-to-date on the latest developments in preventing and minimising the illness caused by strokes.  Patients can also find out more about the support and treatment they can get from the NHS.”

Stroke  occurs  when  a  vessel  that  brings  blood  to  the  brain  bursts  or  is clogged by  a  blood  clot.  Risk factors for stroke include high blood  pressure,  physical  inactivity, smoking,  and alcohol  overuse.  A stroke can leave brain cells damaged or destroyed, affecting body functions. For example, if a stroke damages the part of the brain that controls how limbs move, the person will have difficulty moving their arms.  For more information, go to:

This event is part of a regular programme of Medicine for Members events aimed at local people who have joined the hospital Trust as a member.  Membership is free and open to those living in Norfolk and Waveney. 

To join as a member and book a place at the event, contact the Communications Department to book a place on 01603 287634 or e-mail


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