Chance to give views on renal dialysis plans

An NHS organisation that commissions specialist services in the east of England launched a consultation on developing renal dialysis services in the region.

The East of England Specialised Commissioning Group (SCG) is asking patients, the public and NHS staff to give their views on plans to improve renal dialysis services. They have organised a series of events across the east of England where people will have the chance to speak to renal patients, specialists and commissioners about the proposals.

The proposals, which focus on three types of renal dialysis treatments (haemodialysis, peritoneal dialysis and home therapies), suggest new sites for renal units in the areas of greatest need as identified by clinicians. The aim is to make services more accessible as well as meet the future needs of the population.

The East of England SCG would like to hear what you think of the proposed locations of the new services and also help them to develop services for the future by telling them what you think matters to patients.

Dr Alex Heaton, consultant nephrologist, Norfolk and Norwich University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust and East of England Renal Project Board Member:

“The East of England SCG will be listening carefully to what people say and will take account of those views to ensure future service provision meets the needs of patients and their families.
This is an opportunity to expand renal dialysis services in a way which makes them more accessible to the people who need them now and in the future.”

Fiona Loud, Chair of The Kidney Alliance, local Kidney Patient Association and East of England Renal Project Board member:

“The East of England SCG recognises that dialysis services need to grow in line with increasing demand and that patients value choice and high quality in their care. Having had dialysis treatment in our area for five years, I know how important it is that the services are there to meet our needs.

This is your chance to influence the way in which services are developed. Your involvement is important to ensure you get the service you need.”

Below is the list of all the dates and locations of the local consultation meetings.

Thursday, January 7
10am – 12pm
Great Yarmouth
James Paget Hospital

Thursday, January 7
2pm – 4pm
Norwich and Norfolk University Hospital

For more information about events happening in your area and to view the proposals in full, please visit out website . If you require a hard copies of the consultation and summary document these are available by contacting the East of England SCG on 01279 666388

Notes for Editors

• It is expected that demand for renal dialysis services will increase in the region by around five per cent per year until 2030.

• Hard copies of the consultation and summary document are available from the East of England SCG on 01279 666388 or can be downloaded from our website –

• ‘Specialist services’ are defined as high cost and low volume services that effect fewer members of the population. Examples include: rare cancers, medical genetics, bariatric surgery, acute cardiac surgery and some mental health services amongst many others.

For further information contact the East of England Specialised Commissioning Group at or 01279 666388 or visit the website

Thursday 31st of December 2009 09:00:33 AM