Hospital staff thanked for beating the weather

The Chairman and Chief Executive of the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust today paid tribute to the thousands of hospital staff who have gone to great lengths to make sure they got to work today despite the wintry weather.

Chairman David Prior said; “It has been very striking just how many staff have made every effort to get to our hospitals in order to maintain services for our patients. This morning I’ve met numerous staff who have walked into work, set off in their cars very early to get in, some taking over two hours, taken taxis, and even helped other motorists push cars up roads. Our staff deserve our sincere thanks for going the extra mile in this morning's appalling weather.”

Chief executive Anna Dugdale said; “We would like to say thanks to all those staff who made sure they got into work this morning despite the snow. Patients have also undertaken some long and difficult journeys today to get to their appointments and we are also very appreciative of all the efforts they have made.”

In previous winters some NNUH staff have slept at the hospital overnight to make sure they are ready for work the next day and even formed a rota to drive patients and staff home after all buses and taxis in the city had stopped running because of snow.

Thursday 7th of January 2010 12:00:07 PM