That was 2009…

Staff at the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust are wishing the public a healthy and happy New Year as they reflect on some of the quirkier aspects of 2009.

The NNUH and Cromer Hospital treat a total of more than 650,000 patients over the course of a year and hospital information analyst Tim Hankey's select review of 2009 shows:

People with a total of 47 different religious faiths were treated at NNUH over the year (52 in 2008).

Of all the babies delivered by NNUH staff in 2009:

  • The most popular boy's name was Charlie (Jack in 2008)
  • The most popular girl's name was Grace (replacing Sophie in 2008)

More boys than girls were born in 2009 with 51% boys and 49% girls. And the busiest day for the NNUH maternity department was 3rd November 2009 with 26 babies delivered.

The morning remains the busiest period of the day for Accident and Emergency with the peak time for attendances falling between 10am and 11am. During 2009, 27 per cent of people who came to A&E were admitted to hospital, the same as in 2008.

  • Busiest day in A&E – 5th July – 318 attendees
  • Quietest day in A&E – 28th January – 153 attendees

The oldest patient to attend A&E was 107 (2008: 110) and the busiest day of the week for A&E was Sundays. The total number who visiting A&E in 2009 was 82,302 (2008: 76,163) In 1999 A&E attendances numbered 61,380.

And a decade ago, Jack was the most popular boy's name and Chloe the most popular girl's name. The busiest day of 1999 for A&E saw 249 attendances on 11th January and the quietest day was 113 in A&E on 6th January 1999.

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