Balloon launch at the NNUH to mark World Kidney Day

Staff from the Jack Pryor Renal Unit at the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital are launching balloons at 2pm on Thursday 11 March to mark World Kidney Day.

World Kidney Day is a global awareness campaign which is held on the second Thursday in March every year and focuses on raising awareness of the importance of healthy kidneys. The 2010 campaign highlights the importance of controlling diabetes and blood pressure.

Patients suffering from kidney failure need to have regular dialysis and numbers of dialysis patients are increasing at the rate of five per cent per year. Currently 153 NNUH patients are receiving regular haemodialysis at the Jack Pryor Unit, another 48 at Cromer Hospital, and 14 patients undertake haemodialysisi at home. In addition 55 patients are on the alternative home treatment of peritoneal dialysis.
Many of the dialysis patients are on the UK transplant waiting list. Extensive tests are required to ensure that patients are suitable for kidney transplants and there is often a wait of several years before a suitable donor organ can be found.

For more information about World Kidney day at NNUH call Bridget Reasbeck on 07952 175754 or go to

To sign up to the NHS organ donor register call free on 1300 123 23 23 (24 hours)


Thursday 11th of March 2010 12:00:38 PM