Jenny Lind Medal for Excellence in Paediatrics awarded

A newly qualified doctor who has just graduated from the University of East Anglia's School of Medicine, Health Policy and Practice has won the Jenny Lind Medal for Excellence in Paediatrics.

Dr Victoria Hepworth, 27, is the second winner of the Jenny Lind Medal. She won the medal for excellence for her case report and presentation on a child with tuberous sclerosis. Dr Hepworth, who was born and raised in Aylsham, said: “We had to do a case report, background literature review and presentation. I took a holistic approach to the child’s wider needs and those of family.”

The medal was created from the royalties generated by a paediatric textbook published by children’s doctors based at the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital’s Jenny Lind Children’s Department.

The Saunders Pocket Essentials of Paediatrics covers everything from neonatal care to paediatric surgery, community-based services and child protection, along with exam questions and revision notes. The book was edited by consultant paediatrician Dr Nandu Thalange along with his consultant colleagues Tim Kinnaird, Richard Beach and Paul Holmes.

The authors drew on a wide range of experience to write the book, from junior doctors to consultants who have practised in the field for many years. The book is suitable for all child health professionals who require a succinct, up-to-date account of modern paediatric practice.

The Jenny Lind Medal is made of silver and was made by local craftsman Nigel Bumphrey. The medal is engraved with an image of Jenny Lind and bears the Latin inscription “Omnium rerum principia parva sunt” which means “All things start from small beginnings.”

Monday 12th of July 2010 11:00:44 AM