Bringing Summer back into Winter

Sally Gulbrandsen, a keen amateur photographer for around 5 years has only recently discovered her niche and uses macro photography to unveil the secrets of the ‘bug world’. Her critters and creatures have begun to invade the corridors of the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital (NNUH) in the form of around 80 colourful A3 and A4 mounted prints.

Sally Gulbrandsen said ‘The joy about being a photographer is being able to capture life in a single image. Too often, our eyes skim very briefly over facets of life and sometimes we walk around and fail to notice the intricacies of what make up the wonders of this world. They are so remarkable and so completely captivating – even to the simple thing, like watching a bee settles on a flower. We should not waste a moment to just stop enjoy these little miracles of life’

Emma Jarvis, NNUH Hospital Arts Project Co-ordinator said “we know that art in hospital has a positive effect on people. It helps people to be more relaxed and have a better experience when they are here and these images should delight all – young or old. They will certainly bring a smile to most faces”.

A percentage of all sales will be donated to the Hospital Arts Project – ‘best be careful, these little creatures could be catching’!
The exhibition runs for around four months.

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Tuesday 30th of November 2010 11:00:54 AM