Down’s syndrome screening statement

We have identified a mathematical error in the analysis used to calculate the risk level of having a Down’s syndrome baby from screening tests carried out in the early stages of pregnancy (1st trimester).

The screening test is intended to be a general indicator of the level of risk of a pregnancy resulting in a baby with Down’s. Screening does not give a definitive answer regarding Down’s syndrome, but it does tell us which babies have a higher risk of having Down’s syndrome.

In total, out of 2,247 women who had the screening test, 176 had an inaccurate reported risk of having a baby with Down’s syndrome. We have identified, contacted and apologised to all the women concerned and offered them support. We corrected the error as soon as we became aware of it and have taken steps to ensure it cannot happen again. The correction we made has been independently verified and our laboratories have full accreditation from Clinical Pathology Accreditation Ltd.

We accept full responsibility for the error and have apologised unreservedly to all the women who have been affected.

Chief executive Anna Dugdale said: “As a hospital we are absolutely committed to providing the care we would want for our families to all of our patients. We do not always get it right and it is my firm belief than when this happens we should be open and honest with our patients and learn from our mistakes. We have already taken steps to make sure that the learning from this will benefit both our future patients and patients more widely within the NHS”.

Saturday 18th of December 2010 06:00:23 AM