Sixty three candidates for hospital Governor elections

Sixty three candidates have put themselves forward for Governor elections at the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust.

The public Governors will be elected by the 17,000 public members of the Trust living in Norwich and Broadland.  The hospital’s 6,000 staff will vote for the staff Governor who will represent their interests. 

David Prior, Chairman of NNUH, said:  “We’re delighted that there has been so much interest in these Governor positions and look forward to welcoming the successful candidates onto our Council of Governors.”

The Council of Governors represents local people, patients and staff when decisions are made about the future of Cromer Hospital and the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital. 

Electoral Reform Services is running the election on behalf of the Trust to ensure it is independent and fair.  The ballot papers will be dispatched on 11th April and the results of the election will be announced on 9th May. 

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Notes to editors

The candidates for the election are as follows:

Public Governors

• Tony Betts
• Andrew Burtenshaw
• Susan Elizabeth Fletcher
• Margaret Gurney
• Shamsher Singh Sirdar
• Keith D Tubby
• Gill Webster

• James Baines
• Lee Baker
• Paul Blackford
• John Dollimore
• John W Garner
• Evelyn Hinks
• Ken Hobbs
• Ian Martin
• Fee Sharples
• Cassandra Saville
• Doug Yarrow

Gt Yarmouth and Waveney
• Ines Graefin Grote
• Patrick Thompson

North Norfolk
• Rodney Charles Bennett-England
• Sharon Brooks
• Nick Clancy
• Jayne Cooper
• Lis Downs
• Carol Edwards
• Peter Andrew Hamilton
• Mike Harrison
• Linda Hillman
• Jeanne Oakley Norman
• John Hase Perry-Warnes
• David Phillip-Pritchard
• Paul Stein


• Rob Evans
• Annabel Mary Kennan
• Aliona Laker
• Nigel Luscombe-White
• Keith Montague
• Graham Peeke
• Sue Pollok
• Derek John Stone
• Dave Stott
• Vivien Thomas
• Tim Townshend
• Panos Zarogiannis

South Norfolk
• Jason Nigel Barker
• Nick Brighouse
• David Alan Casson
• John Spencer Hope
• David Hunt
• Iain Kendall Innes
• Christopher John Kemp
• Stuart Lee
• Trish Ann Cates Phillips
• S J Robertson
• Jane Scarfe

West Norfolk 
• Stephanie Powell

Staff Governors

Nursing and Midwifery
• Sheila Ginty
• Kerrie Anne Self

• Lorna Kerr
• Chris Zagorski

Admin and Clerical
• Liz Hogbin
• Margaret Somerville


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