Norwich children's surgeons at international conference

Two Norwich children’s surgeons will next month take part in a prestigious international conference of surgeons at the fourth World Congress on Hypospadias and Disorders of Sex Development.

The International Society for Hypospadias and Disorders of Sex Development is holding its World Congress in London from September 17 to 19 with surgeons coming from the USA, Canada, Argentina, Germany, Italy, Egypt and India.

Mr Azad Mathur as Chair, and Mr Milind Kulkarni as Member of the Local Organising Committee, both consultant paediatric surgeons with Norwich's Jenny Lind Children’s Hospital, have helped organise the congress. NNUH consultant plastic surgeon Mr Jon Clibbon is also taking part.

Hypospadias is a congenital (present at birth) problem affecting a boy's penis. It is a combination of three separate problems: the hole through which urine passes is not at the tip of the penis, the foreskin is gathered at the back of the penis with none at the front, and the penis may be bent when stiff.

About one in every 300 boys has hypospadias and the problem can be corrected by surgery. Usually, surgeons are able to make these corrections in one operation, but if the hypospadias is severe, they may decide to correct it in two separate operations.

Thursday 11th of August 2011 11:00:08 AM