A word in your ear

Staff and visitors to the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital will have a chance to take part in an interactive demonstration tomorrow using a giant “bionic ear”.

Created by the charity Deafness Research UK, in partnership with Science Made Simple, the roadshow is touring the country to explain the complex machinery that lies deep inside the ear. It tells the story of sound as it travels through the ear to the brain, what happens in different parts of the hearing system and how each part of the system can fail or break down.

During the show, the presenter builds the world’s largest ear – a huge outer ear on one side and a giant brain on the other. In between, interactive demonstrations and models illustrate every stage of the hearing process.

Visitors will have a chance to get hands-on with the displays and find out the answers to questions such as why hearing loss gets worse with age.

For more information about the Bionic Ear Show go to www.bionicearshow.org or call contact Laura Turner on 0207 1642294

Photo opportunity

The Bionic Ear Show will take place from 9am – 10am in the East Atrium, outside the Benjamin Gooch lecture theatre at NNUH, on Tuesday 18 December

Monday 17th of October 2011 01:00:15 PM