Children wanted for bendy joints study

The paediatric rheumatology team at the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital is seeking recruits for a research project involving children with unusually “bendy joints”, ie benign joint hypermobility.

The study is aiming to recruit a total of 126 children aged between five and 16 by March 2012, to discover whether a targeted programme of physiotherapy and occupational therapy can improve the outcome.

Symptoms of joint hypermobility include musculoskeletal aches and pains and co-ordination difficulties. Around 30 per cent of children are believed to have the condition but the majority do not suffer any pain and many go undiagnosed.

In the first instance, children and their families will be referred to the paediatric rheumatology clinic to confirm the diagnosis and rule out any other conditions. They will then receive information about managing the condition and, if necessary, they may be referred for occupational therapy, physiotherapy and orthotics.

Those who are thought to be suitable to take part in “The Bendy Study” will be invited by the study co-ordinator to have a baseline assessment with a physiotherapist. Some will then receive a targeted programme of physiotherapy and occupational therapy to work on the affected areas of the body.

f you have a child who you think is affected by hypermobility and would be interested in participating in the study, please ask your GP for a referral to paediatrician Dr Kate Armon. For more information about the study call 01603 597271 or email:

Wednesday 26th of October 2011 04:00:22 PM