Results of biggest ever patient survey at NNUH

During September 2011, the views of over 2,200 patients were collected over a week at the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital and Cromer Hospital.

Over the last three years the two hospitals have surveyed about 70,000 people in a regular monthly survey of patients’ experience. The September survey was the largest ever one-off survey and collected more detailed information about patient satisfaction.

Chief Executive Anna Dugdale says: “Our patients have confirmed that the vast majority of our patients have a very good experience. We designed this survey to help us identify areas in which we could improve the care we provide.

“There are no grounds for complacency, we care for in excess of 700,000 people per year and if 1% of our patients have a poor experience that amounts to 7,000 people. We are delighted that so many patients complimented the attitude and performance of our staff. We are very proud of our staff and meeting our vision for patient care depends on delivering consistently high standards of care.”

Many patients said that staff were kind, pleasant, helpful and friendly and praised staff performance and the convenience of services. The main concern raised by patients was about the time spent waiting in clinics or for discharge from hospital. Car parking was also raised by some patients.

The survey was carried out in partnership with Serco. The results included an overarching question which was ‘Thinking about your overall experience as a patient, how likely would you be to recommend the hospital to a family member or friend’. Patients were asked to rate this question on a scale of 1 to 10 where 0 is not likely to recommend and 10 was very likely to recommend. Ninety one per cent of patients scored 7-10 indicating they were satisfied or very satisfied with their care.

Action is being taken to address the areas for improvement identified by patients.

Notes to editors
Patients were asked about how likely they would be to recommend the hospital and the reasons. Out of 2,200 responses, the top three results were:
Positive comments:
• 801 patients made positive comments about staff attitude
• 480 patients made positive comments about staff performance in their jobs
• 120 patients made positive comments about the convenience of services
Negative comments:
• 79 patients made negative comments about time waiting in clinics
• 40 patients made negative comments about car parking
• 25 patients made negative comments about staff performance

Wednesday 16th of November 2011 02:00:09 PM