Alternative thinking for NHS Sustainability Day

The Norfolk and Norwich University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust (NNUH) is taking part in the first annual NHS Sustainability Day of Action on Wednesday 28th March 2012.

It is joining more than a 100 other NHS organisations across the country which are engaging with staff, patients and the public on sustainability. On the day staff at the NNUH are being asked to think about small changes in behaviour which will make their lives more sustainable. It is hoped that this day will help staff and the public better understand the mutual benefits of sustainability and health.

Initiatives taking place on the day include encouraging staff to reuse the same coffee cup instead of using a new paper cup each time they have a drink, to taking part in the ‘Olympic’ 1500m walk aimed at encouraging colleagues to get out during their lunch break for a walk around the hospital site.

Bob Wotton, Head of Facilities and sustainability lead said “This day is a good opportunity for us to showcase all the different things we are doing to recycle, save energy and become more sustainable, both at work and at home.

“All the displays and events we are putting on are just small insights into a more sustainable lifestyle but the underlying message is that we want to try and cut our carbon output and to do that we need all our patients, staff, visitors and suppliers to consider ways they can help us”.

Also as part of the day Philips Lighting will be conducting a survey of all lighting usage at the NNUH in a bid to reduce the Trust’s carbon footprint. Liftshare will be conducting individual travel plans looking at different travel options available to staff and Cycles UK will be promoting the Trusts Cyclescheme which offers to employees the opportunity to purchase cycles via a 'Salary Sacrifice Scheme'.

Norfolk Energy Bus will be on site outside the East Atrium, Level 2, demonstrating renewable energy devices, low energy lighting and insulation samples. Also onboard the bus there is a scaled down working solar thermal panel, a photovoltaic panel and a small 300W wind turbine. The Save a tonne Challenge will also be on site to assist householders to save money and stay warm by saving energy in their homes.

NHS Sustainability Day is being led by the NHS Sustainable Development Unit and the University College London Hospitals.

Dr David Pencheon, NHS Sustainabilty Development Unit Director says:“NHS Sustainability Day is a day of action and a rallying call to the NHS to embrace and consider all elements of delivering sustainable healthcare: care that improves health today but which doesn't jeopardise our ability to do it tomorrow.”

The day is also being supported by well known figures including the head of the NHS Sir David Nicholson, Health Minister Simon Burns, and actor and presenter Stephen Fry.

Monday 26th of March 2012 02:00:02 PM