Cromer Hospital archway disappointment

The demolition of the old Cromer hospital building has been taking place over the last few weeks since the new Cromer and District hospital opened on 4th March.

Part of the demolition process included plans to keep the sandstone arch which stood over the entrance to the old building, carrying the name of the hospital. Despite careful handling, the archway crumbled on removal and it was not possible to reuse the remains.

Dale Jackson, Project Manager for Cromer Hospital, said:

“We had very much hoped to keep the arch and it was in our plans from the beginning. We had expert advice from our demolition contractors who very carefully caged and supported the sandstone arch prior to removal but the results of their efforts were sadly in vain.”

The demolition has nearly finished at Cromer Hospital and the groundworks have commenced for the new car park which will be complete in the summer.

Thursday 3rd of May 2012 12:00:49 PM