NNUH produces a video on Pulmonary Rehabilitation

Staff and patients at the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital (NNUH) have produced a short film on Pulmonary Rehabilitation.

Called “An Introduction to Pulmonary Rehabilitation” this short film is for anybody considering Pulmonary Rehabilitation, and gives an excellent insight into what is involved and what previous attendees have thought about it.

Pulmonary rehabilitation includes patient education, exercise training, psychosocial support and advice on nutrition, inhaled therapy, benefits, breathing control and management of symptoms. Pulmonary rehabilitation has been shown to improve exercise capacity, reduce breathlessness, improve health-related quality of life, and decrease healthcare utilisation. The majority of patients considered for pulmonary rehabilitation programmes will have chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), but the programme may be suitable for other people who have other lung conditions such as Bronchiectasis or Fibrosis. Pulmonary rehabilitation should be offered to all patients who consider themselves functionally disabled by breathlessness.

  • The rehabilitation process incorporates a programme of physical training, disease education, and psychological, social, and behavioural intervention.
  • Rehabilitation is provided by a multiprofessional team, with involvement of the patient's family and attention to individual needs.
  • Respiratory rehabilitation is effective in helping to relieve dyspnoea and improve control of symptoms of breathlessness.
  • Pulmonary rehabilitation for patients with COPD has also been shown to relieve fatigue, improve emotional function and enhance patients' sense of control over their condition.

Paula Browne, NNUH Respiratory Nurse Specialist said ”We have been running Pulmonary Rehabilitation programmes for patients with chronic lung conditions for 15 years now and each 8 week long course sees patients improving and benefitting from the advice and instruction given. I know it is very hard for people with breathlessness to understand why they should be exercising more, and this film shows the views of previous attendees who have volunteered to explain how it has helped them. There are also various community Pulmonary Rehabilition programmes too, so people can access a course close to where they live, via their G.P”

Bill Chubb who features in the video said “Prior to attending I was frequently anxious about my breathlessness and had the occasional panic attack. The course taught me to understand my condition and learn, properly, how to manage it. What a difference this has made.

Bill added “Those attending the course are made aware of the immense value of regular exercise, too, and there’s no doubt I’m fitter now than I have been for over a decade!”

This film can be accessed via the NNUH website at https://new.nnuh.nhs.uk/dept.asp?ID=655

Tuesday 22nd of January 2013 12:00:12 PM