Audiology specialists recognised for research on hearing measurement

Clinical scientists from the audiology department at the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital (NNUH) have been recognised for their research into effective hearing measurement by the British Society of Audiology (BSA).

Dr John FitzGerald, Consultant Clinical Scientist and Head of Audiology and Claire Vine, Lead Paediatric Clinical Scientist and Lyndsey Young, Trainee Scientist at the NNUH have been awarded for their research into detecting a hearing loss in one ear in young children.

The research paper was written after a study was carried out where adults with satisfactory hearing used an earplug to simulate a hearing loss in one ear. They were then tested on how well they were able to hear different sounds coming from their left or right side, with and without an earplug in. The results found that testing localisation ability using a higher pitched stimulus is more effective at detecting a hearing loss in one ear. Since the study was carried out, higher pitched stimuli have been used for localisation testing when checking the hearing ability of young children, aged between six months and two and half years old, at the NNUH. This has been especially helpful when testing children who will not tolerate wearing earphones.

John FitzGerald, Consultant Clinical Scientist and Head of Audiology said: “The results of the research study have not only shaped the way this testing is carried out at NNUH, but they have also been shared with other audiology teams in hospitals across the country.”

Claire Vine, Lead Paediatric Clinical Scientist, added: “It’s great to be recognised for all the work we put into the study and knowing that it has been used to change our practice is great too.”

Dr John FitzGerald and Claire Vine were awarded with the Jos Millar Shield for the best research paper published in the society’s newsletter, BSA News. The paper is titled “Sound field localisation testing in the horizontal plane with a unilateral hearing loss”.

The BSA aims to increase knowledge of hearing and balance and to enhance practice by providing health care professionals with information, education and research findings. The society also holds scientific, clinical and technical meetings with a wide range of invited and contributed papers.

Wednesday 27th of February 2013 01:00:21 PM