New building for cancer treatment approaches half way stage

The construction of a new radiotherapy cancer treatment building at the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital is nearly half way through.

Visitors to the hospital will have noticed the new building taking shape as the metal framework has been erected and cladding has been applied in readiness for the brickwork sections which are already above head height. The concrete is being cast to provide thick concrete walls which will contain the high energy x-rays from the linear accelerators which are used to treat cancer.

When completed, the new building will expand the world class radiotherapy facilities at NNUH increasing the radiotherapy capacity by a third over the next five years. The construction work is scheduled to finish in October 2013 when the first linear accelerator will be installed and tested. The new radiotherapy building will contain space for a second linear accelerator which will be installed at a later date depending on the needs of the cancer service, making a total of six ‘linacs’ at NNUH.

Dr Tom Roques, Consultant Oncologist, says: “With life expectancy rising, we anticipate more people will need treatment for cancer in the future and this new facility is critical to help meet that need.”

The new building is located next to the hospital’s Mulbarton ward which provides treatment for cancer patients. The plans also include a new orthovoltage treatment room with equipment which can treat cancers which sit near the surface of the body, such as some skin cancers. The new build will include a waiting area, office space and two consulting rooms.

To help cancer patients avoid a hospital admission, there will be space for a new Acute Oncology Suite close to the ward area. The acute service provides rapid assessment and treatment for patients who are experiencing complications with their cancer or its treatment.

Note to editors

Plans for the new radiotherapy cancer treatment building will be displayed at the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital during the week commencing 25th March on level 2 in the east atrium.

Tuesday 19th of March 2013 11:00:01 AM