Junior doctors rate NNUH best in the East for training according to GMC survey

Junior doctors at the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital have rated it highest for overall satisfaction in the East of England according to a new survey.

Every year the General Medical Council (GMC) asks every doctor in postgraduate training what they think about the quality of their training. The results of the survey help local education providers such as hospitals and general practices improve their training practice. The survey also ensures that medical education and training is meeting the standards set by the GMC to support high quality medical care across the UK.

Every year between 300 and 400 post graduate doctors train at the NNUH. Over 95% of trainees at the Trust took part in the 2013 National Teaching Survey. NNUH scored the highest for overall satisfaction out of the 18 acute trusts in the East of England.

Other questions in the survey covered teaching, educational supervision, clinical supervision, inductions, workload, feedback, experience and handovers during shifts.

To measure overall satisfaction, junior doctors were asked about how they rate the quality of teaching, the clinical supervision they receive, the experience they gain, how they would describe the post to a friend who was thinking of applying for it and how useful the post will be for their future career.

Richard Smith, Consultant Obstetrician, and clinical tutor, said: “As a teaching hospital, these results are fantastic, they reflect how hard our staff work to deliver high quality training. We always use the feedback from this survey as an opportunity to learn from the views of our trainees and adapt our training programmes if needed. Junior doctors are an important part of the team providing frontline care to our patients at the NNUH so it’s great to hear that they feel supported in their roles.”

Monday 24th of June 2013 04:00:16 PM