NNUH Audiology team to hold awareness day at The Forum

A team of audiologists and consultant Ear Nose & Throat (ENT) surgeon, Mr John Phillips from the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital (NNUH) will be on hand at The Forum on Tuesday 15th October 2013 from 9am to 5 pm to provide information and discuss questions on hearing, dizziness, balance, and tinnitus.

One in six people in the UK is affected by hearing and balance problems which are often poorly understood and can lead to isolation, so this event is a great opportunity for people to find out from experts more about these health issues or to have general questions about your ears and balance answered.

We would particularly like to raise the profile of the importance of safeguarding hearing and protecting against tinnitus; especially for young people and information on noise damage will be available. We will also be giving away ear plugs to provide protection for gigs and night clubs.

Claire Gatenby, Chief Hearing Therapist at the NNUH said “This is a great opportunity for people to come and find out more on hearing, hearing aids and balance problems. We also hope to increase awareness of the importance of protecting hearing from damage from noisy nightclubs and gigs.”

Peter Marron, from The Forum Trust said “We are very pleased to host this event with the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital, bringing health awareness advice to the visitors of The Forum”.

Monday 30th of September 2013 02:00:28 PM