NNUH first acute hospital to use electronic musical record with patients who have dementia

NNUH is the first acute hospital in the country to use an electronic musical record, called Musical Mirrors, to help staff communicate and reminisce with patients who have dementia.

The Musical Mirrors project involves training staff to catalogue the musical memories of patients with dementia, creating an electronic record with links to clips on YouTube.

Hospital volunteer Heather Edwards started the project drawing on her experience as a musician and carer for her father who had dementia. Heather also plays the keyboard twice a month on Elsing Ward which specialises in the care of patients with dementia.

Heather says: “Music can create a way through and help us to communicate when people have lost memory. We spend time with the patient, talking about significant moments in their lives and linking those memories with pieces of music, such as songs from their courting years, hymns or music from their childhood. “

NNUH Integrated Dementia Services Manager Liz Yaxley, says: “Music is a wonderful way to connect with patients and helps us to make them feel more relaxed while they are in hospital. The record can be taken home and shared with family, friends and carers for years to come.”


Thursday 22nd of May 2014 12:00:36 PM