National Award for NNUH Radiography Team

A team from The Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital has been awarded the UK and regional Radiographer Team of the Year.

The Radiographer of the Year annual awards, organised by the Society of Radiographers, aim to recognise the hard work and dedication of radiographers across the country.

The NNUH team was praised for their collective knowledge, experience and enthusiasm as well as their commitment to highlighting best practice and raising standards in CT cardiac imaging for patients.

The award acknowledged the CT cardiac advanced practice radiographers’ commitment to improving services for patients undergoing a CT coronary angiography examination. The procedure is used to assess any disease that may be present in the coronary arteries. The CT scanner is used to take detailed images of a patient’s heart and may involve injecting an iodine-based dye into the blood stream to highlight the blood vessels.

Karen Reid, senior radiographer cardiac team lead said: “As a team, we are proud and delighted to receive the award. This award recognises our commitment to raising the profile of advanced practice and diagnostic radiography as a profession. Without the direct support and encouragement of our forward thinking Radiologist's, this level of advanced practice to improve patient care in CT coronary angiography examinations would not have been achievable. We see this as a tribute to our department, recognising the contribution of our radiographers, nurses, radiology assistants and administrative colleagues.”

The team will receive their award at a ceremony being held at the House of Commons to celebrate the individuals and teams.

Friday 14th of November 2014 11:00:35 AM