NNUH joins DNA scheme that could revolutionise cancer treatment

The Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital, as part of the East of England GMC, is at the forefront of the newly announced genetics project that could revolutionise treatment for individual cancer patients.

Under the scheme, over the next three years, NNUH will be inviting 2,500 patients with certain types of cancers to allow their tumours and some of their healthy tissue to be analysed genetically. There will then be a comparison between the two samples to look for mutations in DNA which may be causing the tumours. It is hoped this study will eventually lead to better-designed treatment for each individual patient with cancer. The project will be undertaken in collaboration with Cambridge as well as ten other centres in England.

NNUH Medical Director, Professor Krishna Sethia welcomed the announcement and said, “In Norwich we already have significant experience in this field so it is exciting to be contributing to this important national study. We all hope that this project will result in better treatment and outcomes for all our patients”.

The hospital diagnoses around 5,000 cancer patients a year.

Monday 22nd of December 2014 03:00:43 PM