Nurse Launches Fundraising For Fifties Sitting Room

A hospital Sister is hoping to take her patients back to memories of the Fifties by raising funds for a 1950s themed day room to help patients with dementia in the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital.

Sister Julie Payne was sponsored to take part in Dry January to kick start the fundraising. Holt Ward needs to raise £5,000 to transform their day room into a nostalgic sitting room that will help her patients relax and reminisce.

Julie explained that the cost of the room is quite high because the 50s style wallpaper needed for the transformation has to meet strict infection control guidelines.

“I thought I would do Dry January and give up a drink of wine at the end of a busy week.“ She has already been sponsored up to £500 and has stuck to her lime and soda or sparkling water. As a bonus she added “I’m already feeling healthier”.

The day room will be redecorated and special furniture installed along with decorations and vintage games to look as authentic as possible.

The room will include a standard lamp, an effect that looks like a real fire and even flying ducks on the wall. “We hope it will look welcoming and recognisably 50s style,” explained Julie, “and we are planning to introduce vintage cups and saucers for tea parties to help stimulate conversations.”

As most of the patients are in their nineties the hope is that those with dementia will feel that the room looks familiar and will help spark memories and conversations. It will also provide a relaxing place for relatives to talk to staff or patients.

Louise Cook Fundraising Manager said, “This is just one of a number of dementia projects which need charitable funding across the hospital. One in six people over the age of 80 have dementia. The more we can help fund projects like this one, which can support and provide a relaxed environment the better it is for our patients.”

To donate to the 1950s room or any other dementia project please send a cheque payable to NNUH Charitable Fund to Louise Cook, Fundraising 20 Rouen Road, Norwich NR11QQ and mark on the back or include a note saying it is for dementia/Holt ward.

Alternatively donate on our Just Giving Page, or if you are feeling inspired why not fundraise for this very special project?

Wednesday 4th of February 2015 05:00:20 PM