New Theatre for Day Surgery at the NNUH

A new temporary state of the art operating theatre is being set up at the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital to carry out extra day surgery.

Around 30 patients a week will be treated in the new space which has been set up alongside the Day Procedure Unit at the front of the hospital.

The new unit consists of an anaesthetic room, theatre, recovery bay and eight trolley bays.  Hospital surgeons and anaesthetists will be using the operating theatre and caring for hospital patients.

Operating department practitioners and theatre nurses will be provided by Vanguard who are the main providers of temporary theatres in England.

The theatre will help the hospital’s backlog of patients on the waiting list and is expected to start running in the second week of December.

Interim Chief Operating Officer Richard Parker said “The theatre provides the hospital with vital temporary capacity. It allows us to meet demand without having to lay out the time or capital to build new facilities. I think that the use of this kind of innovative technology really displays the kind of flexibility the hospital is achieving to continue to offer the best standards of care.”

It is anticipated the theatre will be needed for around two years.

temporary theatre

Friday 27th of November 2015 11:59:28 AM