NNUH introduce the workforce of the future

Bethany, Jessica, Alex, Francesca and Alex in operating theatreThe potential NHS workforce of the future has been experiencing first-hand what it is like to work in a hospital during a sixth form work experience week at the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital (NNUH).

Twenty students from Norfolk sixth forms have been playing the role of nurse, medical, pharmacy and midwife students as they learnt about team work, the process of patient consent, observing live operations and benefited from listening to a range of medical experts, which all gave a flavour of the career ahead of them.

The NNUH is the only hospital in the region which offers this programme and it received more than 300 applications. The scheme was originally started by Mr Am Rai, NNUH Consultant Spinal Surgeon, and is now in its third year. After taking part in the NNUH programme previous students have benefited from the experience using it as part of their university applications and progressed to studying medicine at university.

The NNUH provides several career events which highlight different career options available within the NHS.

Mr Rai said: “The sixth form students fully embrace the experience and we find it a fantastic way to inspire future NHS colleagues. As President of the British Association of Spinal Surgeons, I was keen to develop a scheme which would be accessible to all students where they could learn together, and inspire them to continue into the NHS as a career.”

Francesca Lockyer, 17 year old 2nd year sixth form student from Notre Dame commented: “I have found the whole experience amazing. I have applied to do medicine at university and this has allowed me to think of specific areas of interest that I can specialise in. The week has really brought the whole thing to life, shows you the reality of a career in medicine rather than just misconceptions and makes everything so exciting – this could be me in a few years’ time!”

Alexander Law in his first year of sixth form at Wymondham College was interested in a career in the NHS and is considering applying for a degree in medicine added: “My favourite part of the week has been observing in the operating theatre, which was amazing. The week has made me realise that I definitely want to do it in the future.”

Luke Wilkinson and Hazel Williamson, both in their first year of Sixth Form at Taverham High School commented: “This week has opened our eyes to the many specialist roles in the hospital. Witnessing first-hand the relationship between patients and doctors has been a rewarding and privileged experience. It has shown us the great responsibility and determination required to study and practise medicine and other healthcare professions. We would recommend the programme to others hoping to study medicine as it provides a realistic insight into working for the NHS”

The scheme will be carried out again in November 2016 and all potential applicants are advised to speak to their careers advisor at their school or college.

Monday 23rd of November 2015 11:51:09 AM