Hospital volunteers honoured for long service


Twenty seven volunteers at the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital (NNUH) have just received awards in recognition of their long service, a combined total of more than 170 years !

The awards were presented by NNUH Chairman John Fry and Chief Executive Mark Davies at the Volunteers’ Christmas Party held at the hospital.

Twenty two volunteers received five-year long service awards, four volunteers received ten-year long service awards, and one volunteer received their 20-year long service award.

Mark Davies, Chief Executive of the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, says: “We are very pleased to be able to recognise our volunteers and their dedication to our hospitals. Their support enriches the lives of patients and staff across both hospitals and we are very grateful to them.”

There are 674 volunteers at NNUH who fulfil a variety of roles, such as meeting and greeting patients as they arrive at hospital, supporting patients and staff in the wards and clinics, and providing support to patients at mealtimes. Dementia support volunteers have been introduced to the Older People’s Medicine wards and some specialist roles have also been established such as Reading Aloud, Reminiscence, Breast Feeding Support and Music Therapy.

Twenty two volunteers have received five-year service awards:
Anne Brown, Anne Loy, Chris Wiltshire, Deborah Lawrence, Ellen Robinson, Emily Burkitt, Evelyn Blewitt, Frieda Christa, Helen Wade, Judith Harber, Julie Foulger, Ted Searle, Lesley Slater, Lindy Button, Margaret Leggatt, Marion Andrews, Paul Burgess, Richard Hannant, Robert Stiles, Sheila Birch, Sandra Ballester, Trevor Smith.

Four volunteers have received ten-year service awards:
Janice Beck, Myra Bealey. Carol Bishop and Michael Bishop

One volunteer received a twenty-year service award:
Marjorie Dingle.

Wednesday 9th of December 2015 12:19:28 PM