New CT Scanner Will Reduce Waiting Times


Senior radiographer Karen Reid with the new temporary CT scanner



A new temporary CT scanner has been installed at the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital to help cut down patients waiting times.

The unit is now situated at the front of the Urgent Care Centre. Patients will report to Radiology reception as usual and then be taken to the unit by the radiographer working with the CT scanner.

Known as CT5 it will be in place for six months and see around 33 patients a day for cancer and diagnostic scans between 8 am and 8pm seven days a week.

Chief Operating Officer Richard Parker said “In recent months we have been taking steps to reduce waiting times for diagnostic procedures across the trust. This helps with overall waiting times including cancer waits.

We intend to invest in permanent capacity but this unit will help us in the short term to speed up the care and treatment of patients.”

Wednesday 9th of March 2016 03:29:15 PM