Skin cancer experts give free advice at Norfolk Show

Experts from the Skin Tumour Unit from the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital will be attending the Norfolk Show this year to raise awareness of how important it is to stay safe in the sun.

Kate Davies, Skin Cancer Nurse Specialist explained why they are attending the show following kind invitation from show organisers, “I think prevention is the key to everything. There are a lot of people that don’t realize how serious skin cancer can be. It’s  important to make people aware of how to take care of themselves and prevent health problems in the future.’’

Free samples of sun cream will be handed out to encourage show visitors both young and old to protect  their skin.  There will also be a colouring competition for children with toy prizes each day.

Visitors will be able to ask the team questions and check how effectively they are using sunscreen using a UV camera which shows up poor coverage or any gaps left on the skin.  The camera can also show sun damage on a person’s face because of the production of a dark pigment called melanin which produces irregular colouring.   Kate added:  “Regular exposure to the sun ages our skin as well as increasing our risk of skin cancer.  At the show, we will be giving people the opportunity to see hidden damage which may encourage them to use sun screen in future.”

The team is also raising funds for the Skin Cancer Research Fund is part of the hospital charity and is dedicated to raising funds for the benefit of skin cancer patients at the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital. For more information go to:

Monday 27th of June 2016 08:49:47 AM