NNUH recognises Nurse Mentorship

The work of nurses who mentor and support students or new colleagues is being recognised at the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital with a new award. The Best Nurse Support award goes to the nurse offering support to learners in the workplace, these include overseas nurses, student nurses, newly qualified nurses, Nursing assistants, Return to Practice nurses and nurses who are new to the Trust.

Director of Nursing, Emma McKay, presented the inaugural awards for best nurse support to Sister Cheryl Stone, for giving outstanding mentorship and guidance to students.

Student Nurse Louise who nominated Cheryl said: “Cheryl was a great mentor who gave me the confidence within nursing practice that I was previously lacking. Cheryl is a nurse that I aspire to be in the future, both in her manner and the excellent way in which she cares for her patients.  Cheryl was very supportive during my time in placement when I experienced some personal difficulty; I am truly grateful for this support.”

Ward Sister Cheryl Stone is a part of the team that makes up Kimberley ward, which also won the initial “Best student placement award”. Student nurse Julie who nominated the ward said: “During my time on Kimberley I found all staff very welcoming, friendly, and knowledgeable and always willing to teach. What sets them apart from any other ward I have been on before is their ability to work together as an excellent team which results in exceptional multi – disciplinary working and patient care. By having the opportunity to witness and be involved in each aspect of patient care and ward experience has hugely benefited my learning experience. All mentors are well trained and very understanding of their students ensuring that they receive the correct amount of responsibility. The team welcome you as a member of the team and I hope my remaining placements are as good.”

Emma McKay, NNUH Director of Nursing added: “It’s really great to recognise the effort and hard work that goes into providing high quality nursing placements. The nurses that are currently training are the nurses of the future and we want to make sure that they are not only the best they can be but that they have a good experience in our hospital too.”

Kimberley ward

Friday 15th of July 2016 12:07:28 PM