NNUH appoints Volunteer Co-ordinator for new OPM volunteer initiative

A new volunteers’ support service for inpatients in Older People’s Medicine (OPM) is being launched by the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital.

This service has been set up by Marianne Moggridge, OPM Volunteer Coordinator, which is a new role at the hospital. From the New Year, Marianne will be organising her team of volunteers to provide assistance for older short-term and long-term inpatients.

The team will provide older people with someone to talk to and will give patients a choice of activities to increase wellbeing, relieve anxiety and therefore promote a faster recovery.

This initiative will be an enhancement of the already well-established volunteer services in place at NNUH, including dementia support and the settling-in service. Staff, families or carers will be able to request volunteer support for a patient, or the patient can also request a volunteer themselves.

The new post has been funded for three years by charitable donation.

Marianne will be working on eight wards within the hospital and says she will be acting as a bridge between volunteers and clinical staff. “This is a fantastic new role and initiative which I’m taking on with great enthusiasm. I am looking forward to supporting our clinical staff by organising trained volunteers to meet with patients and enhance the dedicated care already provided at our trust”.

Having worked as a Dementia Support Worker at the N&N for the past two years, Marianne explains that her previous experience will lend itself very well to her new role. “I have also worked with older people in community centres and residential homes and have enjoyed including creative arts to improve patient care.”

Dr Martyn Patel, Consultant Dementia Lead and Service Director for OPM said: “We are really excited about this project and how it will enhance the patient experience within the Older People’s Medicine department. Having Marianne appointed as an OPM Volunteer Co-ordinator will make for a smooth running of the service and will allow patients to use it to its full potential”.

He added: “We know that from voluntary services already in place, patients really cherish the time spent with volunteers. Even a short positive contact with a volunteer can really make a big impact to someone’s overall experience of our hospital”.

Emma McKay, Director of Nursing said: “We are extremely grateful for the dedicated work carried out by our volunteers. This is a fantastic initiative to enhance the excellent support given to our patients, and having Marianne in post will be of great benefit for leading this new group of volunteers”.

Marianne Moggridge, OPM Volunteer Coordinator

Marianne Moggridge, OPM Volunteer Coordinator

Thursday 29th of December 2016 10:51:19 AM