Norovirus reminder

We would like to remind the public that currently NNUH has one ward not accepting new admissions because of patients who have Norovirus. The stomach bug is currently circulating widely in the community.

Whilst we have not introduced any blanket ban on visiting, we would ask people not to visit the hospital unless absolutely necessary and avoid bringing in children aged under 12 years. It is important not to visit the hospital if you have had a stomach bug, or have been in close contact with someone who has, over the previous three days.

Washing your hands with hot water and soap is also essential for all visitors. Please see NHS Choices for advice and information.

Dr Ngozi Elumogo, Director of Infection Prevention and Control at NNUH, says: “It is that time of year where we see Norovirus circulating in the community and our advice is to wash your hands as a matter of routine with hot, soapy water. Hand sanitisers and alcohol gel will work against some bacteria and flu viruses but they will not protect you against Norovirus.

“During Norovirus outbreaks we ask people to wash their hands instead of using hand sanitiser. To keep Norovirus out of hospitals, it is important that people do not visit patients if they have been ill with a stomach bug in the previous three days or in close contact with someone who has had sickness or diarrhoea.”

For advice and more information please go to the NHS Choices page on Norovirus.

Tuesday 3rd of January 2017 12:23:56 PM