NNUH nurses appointed as ambassadors for national skin cancer charity


Kelly Almand-Chinn, a NNUH Skin Cancer Clinical Nurse Specialist and Diva Medeiros, NNUH Registered Nurse

Two nurses from the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital have been appointed as ambassadors for a UK skin cancer charity to help raise awareness of the dangers of over exposure to UV to the local Norfolk population.

Diva Medeiros, NNUH Registered Nurse and Kelly Almand-Chinn, a NNUH Skin Cancer Clinical Nurse Specialist joined SKCIN (The Karen Clifford Skin Cancer Charity) on March 11th 2017 to help the charity with its aims to prevent skin cancer, promote early detection and save lives.

Diva said: “We intend to bring this great project to the Norfolk population, starting with educational activities in nurseries, schools and other workplaces that will promote a sun safe environment.”

Initially, Kelly and Diva will be working at primary schools across the county in their spare time, but are hoping to work with more secondary schools and workplaces too in the near future.

Kelly said: “Prevention is key, and if we can teach children whilst they are young about the importance of looking after your skin, then this is something that they can understand from an early age. Especially coming into the summer months, it’s important that everyone knows the dangers of UV and the best ways they can protect their skin.”

SKCIN is made up of health professionals, skin cancer patients and their families from across the country and has been running for ten years.

Diva said: “NNUH is one of the country’s leading skin cancer centres and Kelly and I work with a lot of skin cancer patients. We are really looking forward to bringing our skills and experience into our ambassador roles, as we are both passionate and dedicated in raising the profile of skin cancer.”

Nick Levell, Consultant Dermatologist and President of the British Association of Dermatologists said: “Some of the more serious types of skin cancer have doubled over 10 years in Norfolk. The public should know that too much sun causes skin cancer. Kelly and Diva are very important for getting this message out there to everybody who wants to help themselves and their children.”

Wednesday 3rd of May 2017 08:40:30 AM