Innovative platform to help raise awareness of hospital charity

The Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital is delighted to have introduced a new and innovative way of increasing awareness and support for its hospital charity.

Visitors and staff at the hospital are now able to use a simple tap of their smart phone to help raise charitable funds, through scanning a series of ‘smart’ posters, ID cards and vinyl stickers using NFC (near-field communication).

This new platform is now appearing along corridors, on wheelchairs, in waiting rooms and in different departments across the trust, and is a quick and simple way of showing support to the hospital charity.

NNUH Fundraising Manger, Louise Cook explains what a fantastic way forward this is in terms of raising awareness of the hospital charity. She said: “This is another way of donating funds for those people wanting to support the hospital charity. Funds raised go towards additional equipment and facilities that make a big difference for our patients during the time they spend here.”

Emma McKay, NNUH Director of Nursing said: “We’re always so grateful when people decide to support the hospital charity, and we are delighted to be introducing this new platform which will make it easier for visitors to donate.”

Wednesday 8th of November 2017 10:01:08 AM