NNUH Caesarean section patient video to make its debut

A new patient information video which explains a patient’s experience of having an elective Caesarean section at the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital (NNUH) is to be shown for the first time.

The film is among the first in the UK to show mothers-to-be exactly what to expect on the day from arrival at hospital through to being discharged.

NNUH Clinical Research Fellow in Obstetrics and Gynaecology Babu Karavadra developed the video with the hospital’s Medical Illustration department with the support of Consultant Gynaecologist Mr Edward Morris, and followed one mother’s journey of care and later visited the new mum at home six weeks after the birth of her baby.

Dr Karavadra said: “There is no video out there which explains to women exactly what to expect on the day of their elective caesarean section so we decided to make one.

“It shows clearly what to expect from the morning they arrive, before their C-section, during and after, and covers who they will see, the consent form process and then we move on to the anaesthetic room and then theatre.

“We show what the theatre looks like, let them know what they may feel physically during the procedure, we look at what happens in the recovery room and the post -natal ward.”

The 20-minute video also features a senior midwife speaking about the process and what the women can expect.

Dr Karavadra said the aim was to remove some of the anxiety which many mothers-to-be may face ahead of the procedure and help address patient expectations.

He said: “It is something they can watch at home, with their partner or birthing partner and then they can ask questions if they are unsure about something.

“We hope this video will give women more autonomy when making choices about their care.”

Mr Edward Morris said: “We are delighted to be showing this video for the first time.

“I hope very much that families with a planned caesarean section will feel much more reassured with the information we provide here. We are also particularly grateful to Luke and Louise who shared so generously their special day with us and the families of Norfolk.”

Friday 24th of November 2017 12:09:03 PM