Event highlights benefits of simulation training

The Norfolk and Norwich Institute for Multidisciplinary Education (NANIME) hosted an interactive information day to highlight the importance of simulation training and how it can support medical specialties across the hospital.

The event, which was held on Thursday 29th March at the Bob Champion Research and Education Building, incorporated all cutting edge simulation technologies all under one roof within NANIME. It showcased 3D virtual reality, surgical simulation and scenarios on simulation-man and simulation prem-baby.

Medha Sule, Director of Medical Education at NNUH is a big advocate of using simulation training as part of a multi-disciplinary team. Medha said: “The event was extremely positive and it demonstrated how extremely important it is to achieving a transformational learning environment.   The simulation technology and human patient combination offered the ability to create realistic scenarios which were identified as being the most effective methods for improving learning with direct impact on patient safety and outcomes.”

Peter Chapman, Director of Medicine at NNUH said: “As a big university hospital, it means that we host many clinical students from our affiliated university, the University of East Anglia. Simulation training gives people an opportunity to practise real-life situations at any time and also allows us to look at what works well in regards to team work and what areas we can continue to improve.”

Friday 13th of April 2018 09:39:36 AM