NNUH joins national 70 Day Challenge to End PJ Paralysis

The Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital has joined the National 70 Day Challenge which aims for one million patient days of people up, dressed and moving in their own clothes rather than hospital gowns and pyjamas.

Acting Director of Nursing Frances Bolger says: “We know from research that older patients can quickly decondition if they remain in a hospital bed for long periods of time. We want our patients to maintain their mobility and strength whilst they are in hospital as this makes it easier for them to return home and get back to their normal lives. Where ever possible we want patients to be able to get up, get dressed and get moving.”

Sarah Balderstone, who is the Matron leading the campaign says: “We want to boost patient’s recovery as well as helping them make the transition from ‘I’m sick’ to ‘I’m getting better’. Getting dressed is important for patient dignity and a vital step in ensuring patients don’t spend any longer than necessary in hospital.”

Letters have been given out to all the patients involved, explaining the plans. For each day of the campaign, nurses will be logging how many patients have been able to get dressed and moving on a national app used by all the hospitals taking part.

The campaign runs from 17 April to 26 June 2018 to finish in time for the NHS 70th anniversary celebrations on 5 July.

Thursday 19th of April 2018 09:55:32 AM