Friends of NNUH fund new equipment for Radiology Department

A member of the Radiology Team demonstrates the equipment.

The Friends of the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital have donated £8,000 to the Radiology Department to purchase an electric platform which lifts patients into position when they need x-rays of their lower limbs in a standing position.

Previously patients used a set of steps to place them in the correct position and the new equipment makes it much easier for older people and those with mobility issues. The platform can also be used for spinal x-rays where a patient needs to sit down and needs extra support to help them remain upright.

Nicola Want, Senior Radiographer, says: “This is a fantastic piece of equipment which helps patients feel safe and supported when they need an x-ray in a weight bearing position. These images are used by the orthopaedic surgeons in planning treatment.

“We are so pleased with the new platform that we would like another one for our service at Cromer Hospital.”

If you would like to make a donation or help with fundraising towards the new platform, please contact Helen Lloyd, chairman of the Friends of NNUH charity at:

Friday 29th of June 2018 09:28:21 AM