International conference held at NNUH to set standards for cancer surgery

Surgeons from four countries gathered in Norwich last week to set new standards for colorectal cancer in order to boost survival rates for patients. It is the first event of this kind in the UK which reviewed techniques for locally advanced and recurrent rectal cancer. The conference and workshops took place at the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital which is one of the largest centres for treating colorectal cancer in the UK.

The event was led by Consultant Colorectal Surgeons Mr Irshad Shaikh and Mr Sandeep Kapur. Mr Shaikh said: “We have brought together expert surgeons from several countries with the aim of setting a standard for colorectal surgery where cancer has spread in the pelvic area. This is an important step in getting the best outcome for patients with advanced cancer and in terms of survival rates and quality of life.”

Mr Kapur added: “We have examined a range of surgical techniques, radiotherapy and reconstruction after surgery. Sharing information between surgeons is putting Norwich at the forefront of tackling advanced colorectal cancer.”

The event was held jointly with UEA department of anatomy and PelvEx collaborative which is an organisation comprising of surgeons involved in surgery for advanced and recurrent rectal cancer in Europe USA and Australasia. Surgeons attended from Ireland, Turkey and Poland.

Thursday 30th of May 2019 10:30:33 AM