Official Launch of Big C Funded Integrated Theatre at NNUH

An event is being held on July 4th to officially launch an integrated theatre at the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital (NNUH) which features some of the most up to date technology in the country for patients undergoing bowel, oesophageal, gastric (stomach) thoracic and gynecological surgical procedures.

The new development has been funded by a grant of £125,000 from Norfolk and Waveney cancer charity, Big C and a donation of £382,000 from the NNUH hospital charity, which will also fund a second theatre once it becomes available for refurbishment.

Integrated theatres have advanced technology installed in the ceiling of the theatre which assists surgeons who are carrying out keyhole surgery. They also benefit patients through better outcomes and safer care. One of he new features of the integrated theatre is an infrared scope which help surgeons check for internal anatomy and the potential for bowel leaks, by highlighting blood vessels and lymph nodes. There is also be the ability to train future surgeons by transmitting live footage of surgery to the hospital’s lecture theatre or further afield.

This investment comes as part of Big C’s annual grants round which funds ground-breaking cancer research at the Norwich Research Park and new medical equipment across the county’s main hospitals.

Dr Chris Bushby, Chief Executive at Big C said, “Big C is proud to support this initiative which sees patients across Norfolk and Waveney benefiting from world class cancer care. This investment has enabled our medical teams to give the best care now, while supporting the education of those who will be our surgeons of the future.”

Consultant Surgeon Richard Wharton said: “Surgeons are performing ever-more complex procedures using these new technologies and the advantages of this equipment include a reduction in complications, faster recovery, more efficient surgery, and improved quality of care.”

Friday 28th of June 2019 09:01:43 AM