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Welcome to a series of ten podcasts for young people with diabetes. These podcasts are intended for young people aged 14 or over. They deal with the issues they can face with their condition in a realistic way.

We have introduced 2 new podcasts (May 2011) based on your feedback. They are Annual Review and Leaving Home. We hope you like them.

We are grateful to Takeda, Roche and Novo Nordisk for providing an educational grant and TWG e-Learning for producing the podcasts.

Dr Vipan Datta, Consultant Paediatrician


I’m 19 and I found out I had diabetes about 4 years ago. Having diabetes can be cr*p as, incidentally, is a lot of the advice you get about how to treat it. I know quite a bit about that now – at some stage most things that can go wrong have gone wrong…
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Looking Good…Feeling Cr*p

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Someone I work with has a daughter who’s just found out she has diabetes so she thought she’d ask me why I always look so good and perky! I wish……but I have learnt how not to feel cr*p all the time…
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Match Fit

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Jez Again
I play quite a bit of football. I used to play every week but gave up when I left school. Now I’m playing with the team at work. To begin with I couldn’t seem to keep going for a full match but now I’ve got my sugar sorted, I’m the star player…
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Night Out

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I’m Harry
Down the week I don’t do much but can’t wait for Friday and Saturday nights,
with a bunch of mates down the Prince of Wales or Riverside Road. The other guys know I have diabetes and take the p*ss out of me a bit…
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Surviving in Aiya

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I’ve just got back from holiday with a few friends. Sea, sand and clubbing like you would not believe it, plus a few other attractions and activities! You’ve got to go but I learnt a few useful things that may be useful for you……
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Diabetes, Sex and So on

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My sister’s just had a baby and she has diabetes. She didn’t know she was pregnant until she was almost six months gone. She had a bit of a rough time of it and…
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Keeping it Secret

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Don’t know about you but I didn’t used to like people knowing that I have diabetes. I don’t want to feel different. But I’ve learnt that wherever you are – home, work, holiday – someone needs to know just in case you need some help…
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All sorts of people have told me all sorts of things about how to cope with different situations. Much of it was wrong so here are my top ten myths about diabetes…
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Annual Review

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Hi I’m Luke. I’ve had diabetes since I six years, which wasn’t a shock to anyone as both mum and dad have got it and so has my big sister. Apparently mum and dad met at the clinic, they used to sit and compare test results.
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Leaving Home

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I couldn’t wait to leave home. But when it comes to it there’s lots of things to think about: where to live, finding your way around, new people, who to tell about your diabetes, looking after your self, finding a new GP – the list goes on and on.
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