Vaccination Centre

Our Covid-19 booster vaccination appointments are in the NNUH Vaccination Hub Portacabin which is located in the staff car park, behind West Annexe 2. Please follow the signs.

If you arrive by car, follow the signs to the Vaccination Centre free parking in Car Park C and then follow the signs to the Vaccination Centre.

You’ll receive a warm welcome and we’ll make your visit as safe and swift as possible.

We are a nurse-led service and everyone in our team is helping to provide vaccinations in addition to their usual duties – some are recently-retired practitioners who have returned to support the programme and everyone is proud of the service we are providing.

We are now offering first and second doses to 12-15-year-olds. 12-15-year-olds must be accompanied by an adult. Please remember your NHS number.

When you come for your appointment

  • Please do not bring children and babies with you and make other arrangements for their care while you attend. The Centre is attended by elderly and clinically-vulnerable people and we wish to make them feel as supported and safe as possible
  • If you have a cough, cold or temperature, please do a lateral flow test before attending the clinic and rearrange your appointment if your result is positive
  • Please only bring a carer if you consider it essential as waiting areas are very limited. Attendees exit the centre into the staff car park area. Drivers and friends are advised to remain in Car park C and wait there
  • We suggest you have a mobile phone number for the person waiting for you so you can let them know when you are ready to leave
  • If you need assistance from porters and wheelchairs to leave the Centre, please ask
  • Please do not attend if you have any symptoms of Covid-19
  • Please ensure you wear warm outer clothing outside and please wear short-sleeved tops under your layers to allow the vaccinators to access you upper arm (deltoid) easily
  • Please bring details of any allergies and written details of ALL medication you take so we can be fully informed about your health when assessing your suitability for the vaccine
  • Toilets are available
  • For security and privacy, we request mobile phones are not used during your visit and taking photographs is strictly forbidden.

We are offering drop-in appointments between Christmas and the New Year:













Attendees must be at least 8 weeks between 1st and second doses and 3 months (91 days ) between 2nd dose and booster dose.

Attendees must be a minimum of 16 years old as we are unable to vaccinate anyone under this age.

Please bring your NHS number with you.

Or you can book an appointment through the national booking service.

Timetable of your visit

  • Arrive at the Vaccination Centre no more than 10 minutes before your appointment time – you will be asked to leave if you have arrived too early
  • Enter and give your Booking Reference Number to the Receptionist who will check your appointment slot on the system at the reception desk.
  • You will be given a leaflet: “Covid -19 vaccine – Your guide to Booster Vaccination “ and your Name and NHS number will be written on the leaflet for your Vaccinator to identify you
  • You will be directed to the vaccination area and when a vaccinator is available they will go through the required pre-screening form and discuss the vaccination process with you. This is a detailed process to make sure you are fully informed about the vaccine and the prescriber can ensure you are suitable to receive it. If you’re unable to have the vaccine you can leave and your GP will be informed that vaccination was not suitable at this time
  • If you are suitable for the Booster vaccination, you will be vaccinated 
  • When you’ve received your vaccination, you will be directed to the waiting area and asked to sit for 15 mins to ensure you recover safely and staff are close by if you need assistance
  • Water will be available if required

If we are unable to vaccinate you we will give you a letter detailing why we were unable to vaccinate you for you to take to your GP who can make alternative arrangements