Call for Concern for deteriorating patients

Launching on 1 July 2024, Call for Concern is a patient safety service run by the Recognise and Respond Team at our hospital which enables patients, and their significant others, to access support when they are concerned their own, or their loved ones, condition is getting worse.

This project, in support of Martha’s Rule, enables patients, relatives and carers to seek additional support from nurses specialising in the care of very unwell patients.

Who are the Recognise and Respond Team (RRT)?

The RRT are a team of nurses specialising in the care of very unwell patients, and patients recovering from critical illness.

When to make a Call for Concern?

This service aims to ensure patients on in-patient wards who are unwell and getting worse get support as quickly as possible.

If you notice a change in patient’s condition, we encourage you to first speak with the ward nurse or doctor.  If, following this, you have ongoing concerns, and are worried the patient is unwell and getting worse, you can contact the RRT by making a Call for Concern.

Making a Call for Concern

A Call for Concern can be made by a patient themselves or by any significant other, visitor, or staff member, who has concerns.

Call us directly 24 hours a day on our dedicated phone number:

01603 288249

When we receive your call we will need to know:

  • The patient’s name.
  • The ward they are on.
  • The reason for your call.
  • Your relationship to the patient.

Sometimes, if we are with another patient, we are unable to take your call immediately, but you can leave a voice message providing the same information above and a contact number and we will aim to get back to your as soon as possible.

The Call for Concern service is initially going to be rolled out for the patients, relatives and carers of all adult patients who have been admitted to the hospital. Over the next 12 months, the service will be expanded to cover paediatric, maternity, Emergency Department and out-patient services.

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